Heart Like a Truck Keychain

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Unlock the heart of country music and hit the road with our "Heart Like a Truck" retro motel keychain, a homage to the spirited energy of Lainey Wilson's chart-topping hit. Inspired by the groove of her music and the adventurous vibe she embodies, this keychain is your passport to a journey filled with country charm.

Design: Our keychain features a design that echoes the vivacity of Lainey Wilson's music. Crafted from cowgirl-printed acrylic, it encapsulates the essence of a free-spirited cowgirl, ready to conquer the open road with a heart like a truck.

Material: Made from premium, durable acrylic, this keychain is designed to withstand the test of time and the adventures of the open road. The cowgirl print adds a touch of nostalgia and a sprinkle of country charm, making it a statement accessory for any Lainey Wilson fan.

Hit the road, cowgirl-style, with our "Heart Like a Truck" Retro Motel Keychain. 🌵🚚🎶

This Keychain is inspired by Lainey Wilson, are created out of acrylic sourced Burlington, North Carolina and cut by our friends at Betsy Jane Studio in Lexington. So with every purchase you are support 3 North Carolina small businesses!!!