Thriving During the Retail Apocalypse

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In this episode of Dreamer to Entrepreneur, we tackle the topic of the retail apocalypse and its impact on small businesses.

We emphasize the importance of finding a supportive community within the industry, as family and friends may not fully understand the challenges of running a business. Amanda shares her personal stories of finding unexpected friendships and support within the small business community, as well as the positive impact of attending industry events and participating in pop-up markets. She also provides advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, urging them to start small, build their online presence, and make smart moves to ensure the success of their business.

Listen to the end as we conclude our episode with our Business Blooper segment!

In this episode we share: The significance of inventory management The need to be adaptable in a constantly changing retail space The importance of providing excellent customer service Amanda gives advice on how to get started with a boutique in the situation our economy is in Show Notes: 39. Retail Apocalypse  Connect with us: Follow on Instagram

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