STOP Keeping Up with the Joneses...they’re broke!

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In this episode of the Dreamer to Entrepreneur podcast, we discuss the negative effects of constantly comparing oneself to others. We want to emphasize that everyone's journey is unique and trying to fit into someone else's mold can lead to mental and physical exhaustion, sacrificing quality time with loved ones, and ultimately making one unhappy. Focus on your own values and priorities and do not worry about others' lifestyles, possessions, or business models.

This episode also highlights the problems with comparing oneself to others on social media and we urge you not to base your self-worth and success on others' highlight reels. Focus on individuality and giving customers what they want is a more effective approach than following the Joneses.

*Stay tuned to the end for our new segment called "Business Bloopers," where we share our personal slip-ups in business to show that no one is perfect.

In this episode we share: Reasons “keeping up with the Jones’” is not the best mindset How keeping up with others can get you into financial trouble Getting clear on your own values Planning your business around what makes you happy Show Notes: STOP Keeping Up with the Joneses...they’re broke! Resources Mentioned: Forbes Link

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