Meet The Host: Amanda Benedict

Join host Amanda Benedict, as she goes solo in this episode to give you insight into who she is and why she started Blue Jean Boutique. After 15 years in retail and over 10 years working in small boutiques, she’s done it all; from buying and selling to merchandising and marketing. After finding uncertainty as a single mom during the pandemic lockdown, she questioned how she would be able to provide for her two children. “What would Dolly do?”. That’s the question Amanda asked herself. Dolly Parton would of course go all in on her dreams - and that’s exactly what Amanda did!    Hear how this mama started AND GREW her own online boutique by participating in many pop-up events and adding her t-shirt line to several other boutiques on the east coast. She also shares what it was like to bring Dolly (her boutique truck) into the picture and why Blue Jean Boutique doesn’t just exist to sell, but to lift people up. If you’ve aspired to open a boutique or start your own clothing line, this is THE episode for you!   Connect with Amanda on Instagram and Facebook   Tune in every other THURSDAY for a new episode! *Follow us on Instagram*

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