Leaving Corporate America Behind: How She Tripled Her Income as a Freelance Marketing Expert Lindsay White

Love all things marketing and social media? If so, this is the episode for you! Marketing expert, Lindsay White spills all the details on how she replaced and exceeded her corporate income while ONLY working part-time hours as a freelance Director of Marketing. What's even better is that after finding success, she felt the urge to help other women do the same.    She is now the owner of a successful marketing agency and helps other women gain the marketing skills to go out on their own and build their own successful marketing freelance businesses. Whether you’re a Virtual Assistant ready to make the pivot into a higher-earning role or you’re ready to kick corporate life to the curb, you’re not going to want to miss this detail-packed episode! Lindsay shares: -Making the transition from corporate to freelancing -From Virtual Assistant to Director of Marketing -How she replaced and exceeded her corporate income -How to become a DOM (Director of Marketing) -What the future looks like for the marketing industry and much more! Connect with Lindsay: Director of Marketing Roadmap (Freebie) www.lindsaywhite.co/optin   Done in a Day Marketing Strategy www.lindsaywhite.co/VIP   Director of Marketing Certification Program www.lindsaywhite.co/certification   Instagram @lindsaywhite.co   Website https://lindsaywhite.co/     Don’t miss our Social Media Mini-Series that starts TOMORROW (08/05)! Tune in every other THURSDAY for a new episode! *Connect with us on Instagram*

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