FROM ROCK BOTTOM TO FINDING HER LIFE’S PURPOSE – with Solopreneur & Life Coach, Janet James

Before her big spiritual awakening, Janet James was working her “dream job” in the music industry. After having a few realizations about her soul’s purpose, she decided to launch her own business and use her skills in a more meaningful way. Gaeanovo allowed Janet to change the narrative around how social media affects our lives. She aims to help mindful brands learn how to consciously utilize their marketing to help them fulfill their purpose.

After Gaeanovo was born, it was clear to Janet that there was a need to spread knowledge and expertise on how to live a purposeful life. After taking several courses and diving deep into research, she decided to become a Life Coach. Tune in to hear how Janet’s personal brand not only offers life coaching for those who want to live their purpose, but also branches out to specialties such as how to become a conscious digital nomad, how to start your own business, and how to consciously maneuver through a spiritual awakening.

Janet shares:

-How she left NC to pursue her dreams in California

-What it was really like to land her dream job in the music industry

-The meaning behind Gaeanovo

-Social media marketing for business success

-Her near-death accident that changed her life

-Finding your purpose and how to create a business you’re passionate about

And much more!


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