COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION | with Designer/Maker, Scarlett Howell

Episode 32 | Link to Listen: Dreamer To Entrepreneur: 32. COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION | with Designer/Maker, Scarlett Howell on Apple Podcasts


Scarlett Howell, owner of Betsy Jane Studio, a store offering unique décor and handmade gifts, shares her experiences with the competitive nature of the boutique world and her belief in collaborating with others. She stresses the importance of doing things differently by helping others, sharing advice, and learning from one another. This mindset has had a positive impact on her business journey, leading to valuable connections and relationships with other small business owners.

In this episode we share: Embracing the power of working together, valuing collaboration over competition for small business success. Turning failures into lessons by learning from mistakes and sharing ideas with peers. Cultivating a thriving network of fellow makers and creative minds to enhance business growth. Maintaining personal well-being and establishing boundaries as an entrepreneur for a sustainable career. Instilling essential life-long skills in children, including financial responsibility and decision-making.

Show Notes:

Episode 32 Visit Scarlett at the Following Locations:

Spring on the Farm in High Point NC 4/28-29

The Bizarre Bazaar in Richmond VA   5/5-6

MayFest in Pilot Mountain NC 5/12-14

Vintage Market Days Bristol, TN 5/19-21

Front Porch Sundays Charlotte NC 6/4

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