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Do you want to increase your earning potential by becoming a virtual assistant for Teachers Pay Teachers sellers? Hayley Klees is able to show you how you can do just that!

When Hayley found herself burned out from her teaching career, she decided to take a chance on herself and pursue something unexpected: freelancing.

Little did she know, this bold move would lead her down a path of success, fulfillment, an

d freedom, transforming her life in ways she never could have imagined.

With her husband's support, Haley took the leap and left the classroom in 2020, embracing her new entrepreneurial life and never looking back.

In this episode, Hayley walks us through her journey of going from classroom teacher, to online business owner, and now coaching teachers to do the same.

In this episode we share:

Freelancing opportunities for teachers How to juggle being an entrepreneur and a mom Finding a way to make an income helping TPT sellers with their business Learning how to figure out ways to run your business

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Coaching Teachers to Thrive Online with Hayley Klees

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