A WOMAN OF MANY TALENTS: with Crossfit Gym Owner & Magazine Publisher, Brooke Eagle

Entrepreneurship is definitely in Brooke Eagle’s blood! She has watched first-hand the success that both of her parents had with their own businesses. After moving to a cute area of Winston-Salem, Brooke and her boyfriend decided to open a crossfit gym - Washington Park Crossfit. CrossFit is all about community which is something that she is very passionate about. Her full-time job as a Publisher at Forsyth Magazines is also very community focused. Tune in as Brooke shares all the details of opening a brick and mortar while ALSO juggling the day-to-day tasks of working for a magazine.   Brooke shares: -Why she decided to open a gym -Brick & Mortar vs. an Online Business -A day in the life of a magazine publisher -How she juggles so many obligations -What it looked like growing up with 2 entrepreneur parents And much more!  

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