4 Simple Tips to Starting a Business TODAY!

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Starting a small business can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Many aspiring entrepreneurs often delay their dreams of starting a business because they feel they need to have everything in order before taking the plunge. However, waiting for the perfect moment may never come.

In this episode of "Dreamer to Entrepreneur," we provide four simple tips for starting a business today, without letting fear or self-doubt hold you back.

In this episode we share: (01:43) Defining your overall goal for wanting to start a business

(06:08) How to invest in yourself and your business

(10:23) Doing market research and finding your ideal client or customer

(14:36) Having a professional website is a must to bring more value to your business

Show Notes: https://brittanykues.com/4-simple-tips-to-starting-a-business-today/ Resources Mentioned: 06: The Importance Of Knowing Your Ideal Customer Avatar


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