3 Steps to Maximize Your Time & Manage Overwhelm

Episode 45 Link to Listen: 3 Steps to Maximize Your Time & Manage Overwhelm – Brittany Kues

Feeling overwhelmed and like there aren’t enough hours in the day??

This solo episode with Brittany dives into her three-step system for managing overwhelm and maximizing productivity. She discusses the common feeling of not having enough time in the day and how it can be especially challenging for mompreneurs. 

Brittany emphasizes the importance of getting tasks out of your head and onto paper, organizing them into priority categories, and time blocking to ensure efficient use of time. She also addresses the tendency to blame others for feeling overwhelmed and suggests having open and intentional conversations with partners or family members to better understand each other’s responsibilities. By implementing these strategies, Brittany believes that women can reduce overwhelm, increase productivity, and achieve a better work-life balance!